New version 5.4.0

It is available the version 5.4.0, which includes various improvements in dBase.

* Has been added a context menu to the un-do/re-do buttons of dBase, so that in addition to revisiting the last positions and un-do the way, it is now possible to jump directly to any of the 20 previous positions without having to visit the intermediate steps.

* It has added the option of counting characters/words in the Note/Memo fields of dBase.

* It has added the option of setting initial and final dates for calculations of account balance, so that it is now possible to know the value in a specified interval. Likewise, the accounts listings also allow define the beginning/end of account entries that will be included in the list. Thus it is possible to obtain the list of movements of a given period.

* It has been improved text search/replace in the Memo/Note fields, so that now function properly. In previous versions there not work properly the options “Match case”, “Match whole word” and “Search backward”.

* The windows to enter dates retain the last value selected, making it easier to introduce new dates if they are the same as the last one.

* The windows to search text retain the last search string used, which facilitates subsequent searches.

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