New version 7.3.0 of OrganiZATOR

February 18th, 2016

It is available for download the latest version 7.3.0 of OrganiZATOR.

If you’re using an earlier version, the details of the upgrade process, which will preserve your current data (if any) are available on (will check below that the previous register rights cease to have meaning in this version). As usual, if you have valuable data, we recommend back up your database before applying the update.

This version includes many enhancements and fixes that are available in the Change Log. But the most important new is that it has changed the marketing model, which has gone from being shareware (try before buy) to be donateware. So that this version is fully functional and lacks any kind of protection, without being limited its use, or the number of installations that can make the user. Payment is completely voluntary in the amount that each consider, if you believe that the application will be useful and/or want to contribute to its further development.

Enjoy it!

Problem with the clipboard in certain windows of Zator

March 20th, 2013

When trying to copy to the Windows clipboard some contents from the Frame-holder’s window or from the body of an email. I.e, certain text of a Web page, or the address of a link included in an email, actually it does not work the “copy” option of the popup menu that you get by right-clicking the mouse (some call it anti-click) over the windows, and can see that when trying to paste the clipboard elsewhere, its content is not as expected (it retains the one of the last valid operation).

So far there is no definitive solution, but there is a trick to make it work, which serves along the the actual session (you just have to do it once, but must be repeated if quit Zator and then re-run another instance) . The workaround consist in select some content in the Note/Memo window, for example, the text “<Empty>” -indicating that the window currently has no content- and then invoke the context menu (anti-click) and select “copy”. From that time, and during the current session, the process of select + copy with the mouse will work properly on the mentioned windows.

New version 7.2.2 of OrganiZATOR

March 17th, 2013

It is available for download the latest version 7.2.2 of OrganiZATOR. If you’re an earlier user, the details of the upgrade process, which will preserve your current data and registration fees (if any) are available on

The details of the improvements and problems/bug fixes, can be found in the Change Log. Upgrading to this version is considered essential for users of previous versions.

¡Enjoy it!

Problem in version 7.2.1 of OrganiZATOR

February 6th, 2013

Has been detected a problem considered important, in version 7.2.1 of OrganiZATOR -which perhaps is also present in some of the latest versions-. If the application is terminated by means of clicking on the “Exit” option in the toolbar of the initial window, the application does not actually ends, and continues running in the background with the resulting consumption of memory and processor time.

Momentarily, the solution is not to close the application using the mentioned toolbar option, and instead, use the standard button to close Windows applications, which is located in the upper right corner of the window (next to the minimize -disabled in this window-, and maximize buttons). If in doubt, consult the state in the Task Manager -in the Background processes section- and “kill” the process if it running when should be terminated.

In this regard, remember that the Task manager is accessible by the key combination [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del]

Soon will upload a corrected version with some major improvements. We are sorry, and please, excuse the inconvenience.

New version 7.2.1 of OrganiZATOR

January 2nd, 2013

It is available for download the latest version 7.2.1 of OrganiZATOR , who is recommended as a stable and essential for all users of previous versions. If you’re an earlier user, the details of the upgrade process, which will preserve your current data and registration fees (if any) are available on .

* It has been eliminated a problem of the previous version, which presents false positives with certain antivirus, which were caused by the protection system used previously. In this new version, the executable  zator7.exe resulting from the installation, has no any detection problem with any of the 46 antivirus used by  Virustotal (data for the analysis carried on 01.01.2013).

* Has been removed a problem of visibility (caused by the lack of space) in the initial window of the English version, when running on Windows 8.

* Has been removed a problem than in previous versions, affected the hour shown on Appointments, when it was less than 10 -symbolized by a digit (0/9)-

* Has been removed an issue in the English version, which incorrectly announced that the version of dBase is Spanish (the correction only affects new dBases, the previously created dBases can continue showing this misinformation, but is a purely aesthetic matter which does not affect the correct functioning of the dBase).

* Has been removed an error in the English version, in which the message warning that you have reached the limit of the standard (free) appeared in Spanish.

* has been removed a bug that some users of Windows 8 (desktop version) who have installed certain Microsoft applications, can not properly see the body of the email received. The problem is motivated because such applications, modify the signature (identification) of the Operating System, with parameters not yet documented on MSDN.

Known problems in version 7.1.1 of OrganiZATOR

November 28th, 2012

It has been discovered an error in the process of recording new email in dBase, that under certain circumstances, result in a corruption of the associated indexes, so that even if the email is recorded correctly, is unusable because can not be further accessed. The processes susceptible to such corruption are:

Receiving email from the mail server.

– Storing the local copy of outgoing emails.

Save email as draft or as pending shipment.

The issue can be particularly problematic if, as usual, in the configuration of the email accounts, establish to clear the email in the server after it has been received, since the image is destroyed on the server, while the email received becomes inaccessible.

We recommend not to use this service until the next update of the product, in which the problem has been corrected. Otherwise, keep the emails on the server and delete them only after checking that the local copy has been recorded correctly. For outgoing emails, we advise to include sending Bcc to the own mailbox address, as a fallback if fails the automatic storage of the local copy of the sent email.

As a result of corruption mentioned in the process Util-2 -> Check Integrity, appears missed links and orphans Blob objects (missed emails). If you run this option, the dBase integrity is restored, but the missed email become lost permanently. The update that will be released in the near future, includes a mechanism that allows to record these lost emails as external files; files that can then be further imported back into the application. Consequently, if you has suffered some of these losses, we suggest not using the above utility, and wait for the next update to recover the lost emails.

It has also been observed that in Windows 8, the email stored in Zator’s dBase appear as plain text (the body of the email as-is transmitted by the mailer agent). This anomaly does not mean that Zator is being storing incorrectly the incoming email; it is because in the new system, Microsoft has broken backwards compatibility in one of its controls. This anomaly is now corrected in the update that is prepared.

We regret any inconvenience caused to our users and expect that the correction thereof, and the incorporation of improvements and enhancements that have been included in the next version will allow you to continue to enjoy our product.

New version 7.1.1 of OrganiZATOR

July 19th, 2012

It is available for download the version 7.1.1 of OrganiZator.  As always, please consult the details of the update process in

* The eWatcher module (email alert service), has been renamed eWatcher Lite, to distinguish it from a future version that will coexist with the current, which let you view and delete e-mails directly from the server.

*  Removed a bug that in some cases, prevents properly store the received emails. It is recommended upgrade to all users of versions 7.0.0 and 7.1.0.

*  Fixed some flaws in the user interface (disposition of certain graphic elements) when using the application in small-screen monitors (800×600 pixels) or in sizes larger than 1440×900 pixels. Now, the behavior is correct in screens between 800×600 pixels and 1920×1080 pixels (Full HD).

*  Has been fixed an issue that prevents proper operation of the [now] and [now ss] buttons in the dialog boxes of creation/modification of items in the main window of dBase.

*  Has been improved the behavior of the application when used on a secondary monitor (on systems with more than one monitor).

*  When using the application on a secondary monitor, can arise some problems that misconfigure the internal arrangement of windows of dBase, when trying to redistribute some of their graphics elements. For example, resize the Frame Holder or Log. Specifically, the problems detected in Windows 7, when using a secondary monitor in the following positions relative to the the primary one:

  • Right:  changing Frame holder o email holder.
  • Below:  when modifying any resizable window.
  • Left:   correct behavior in all cases.
  • Above:  when modifying the main windows of dBase; Frame hilder or email holder.

*  Sometimes, an error can occur when closing the application. It is a known issue with certain versions of Windows ( that so far, we could not solve. However, the problem can be avoided including any image (eg a .jpg or .gif file) in the frame holder of the item that appears in first position within the root space of dBase (first item in the first column).  Note that it is the solution adopted in the demo included in the dBase accompanying the initial installation.

New version 7.1 of OrganiZATOR

April 18th, 2012

It is available for download the version 7.1.0 of OrganiZator.  As always, please consult the details of the update process in

The new version includes the ability to install eWatcher, a Windows service that notifies of the arrival of new email on any of the user accounts.

The process is selective, so that the user can decide which email accounts will be checked periodically and which not. Furthermore, the eWatcher module is independent from the OrganiZator application, so that it can be installed; executed; stopped or removed independently of the latter.

New version 7.0 of OrganiZATOR

March 16th, 2012

It is available for download the version 7.0.0 of OrganiZator.  As always, please consult the details of the update process in

This new version includes an email client integrated in the dBase [1], which can be used to send and receive mail if as usual, your email server accepts POP3/SMTP connections. This new option allows integrate into the dBase, copy of sent and received emails, which allows give to the email communications, an treatment uniform with other information of the user.

[1] Do not confuse this universal email service with the messaging options available in previous versions of OrganiZator -which are kept in this release-, who are designed to work in a local area network (LAN).

The new version also includes a substantial improvement in the search engine; both in speed response as in the ability to make compound queries. Ie,containing the words “dog OR cat”.

New version 6.2.1 of OrganiZATOR (bug fix)

January 20th, 2011

It is available for download the version 6.2.1 of OrganiZator.  As always, please consult the details of the update process in

It has been corrected a bug in the user interface of Data Base: if being in a tab other than the first. That is, being in dB. extend; Agenda; Appointments; Expiry dates, Etc. the window is minimized, when restored, the Logger becomes invisible.


In some rare cases, transactions involving import the contents of a file. I.e, to include some content in the Frame holder, do not work properly when the file name contains spaces. This malfunction is not consistent -not happen always- and is not exclusive to this release. Probably is also present in earlier versions. In these cases, prior to import, we recommend change the original file name -or a copy of it if you can not rename the original-.