New version 7.2.1 of OrganiZATOR

It is available for download the latest version 7.2.1 of OrganiZATOR , who is recommended as a stable and essential for all users of previous versions. If you’re an earlier user, the details of the upgrade process, which will preserve your current data and registration fees (if any) are available on .

* It has been eliminated a problem of the previous version, which presents false positives with certain antivirus, which were caused by the protection system used previously. In this new version, the executable  zator7.exe resulting from the installation, has no any detection problem with any of the 46 antivirus used by  Virustotal (data for the analysis carried on 01.01.2013).

* Has been removed a problem of visibility (caused by the lack of space) in the initial window of the English version, when running on Windows 8.

* Has been removed a problem than in previous versions, affected the hour shown on Appointments, when it was less than 10 -symbolized by a digit (0/9)-

* Has been removed an issue in the English version, which incorrectly announced that the version of dBase is Spanish (the correction only affects new dBases, the previously created dBases can continue showing this misinformation, but is a purely aesthetic matter which does not affect the correct functioning of the dBase).

* Has been removed an error in the English version, in which the message warning that you have reached the limit of the standard (free) appeared in Spanish.

* has been removed a bug that some users of Windows 8 (desktop version) who have installed certain Microsoft applications, can not properly see the body of the email received. The problem is motivated because such applications, modify the signature (identification) of the Operating System, with parameters not yet documented on MSDN.

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