New version 6.1.1 of OrganiZATOR

It is available for download the version 6.1.1 of OrganiZator.  As always, please consult the details of the update process in

The new version incorporates some improvements while correcting various errors found in the previous (first with Unicode support).

+ We have included a new search option in dBase. “Search in this group”, which lets you search in all the items of a window.

+ We have expanded the possibilities of import and export from/to dBase items and Note fields. It is now possible to exchange Window’s Unicode data files (Little endian encoding) and from/to other platforms (Big endian).

–  Fixed a bug that did not allow export the content of a Note field to an external file.

–  Fixed a bug that did not allow to create items in a group if there was a previous item
which began as the new title.

–  Fixed a bug that prevented the proper functioning of the Search-Replace options while
editing the Note fields.

–  Fixed error in accounting calculus  -Balance in a hierarchy or a group- that precluded the
result with sub-titles under 10 characters.

–  Fixed a fatal error that appeared in the print routines due to certain circumstances of
randomly occurrence.

–  Fixed error in the recovery routines, “Integrity checking” who not allowed to recover
certain orphan items.

–  Fixed a bug in the creation of items in the main windows of dBase in difficult conditions to reproduce.

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