New version 6.1.2 of OrganiZATOR (bug fix)

It is available for download the version 6.1.2 of OrganiZator.  As always, please consult the details of the update process in

This version fixes a problem that has been detected in earlier versions, who consumed resources of the Windows graphical device interface (GDI), so that after a certain period of operation and depending on the state of the system, began to work badly the graphical user interface (screens look like, menus, etc.) and either may be affected the functioning of other applications due to the exhaustion of the mentioned Windows resources.

We strongly recommend the upgrade for all Zator users.

Note: The mentioned problem does not affect the logical behavior of the application or its data security. Likewise, the resources consumed in excess by the application, was returned to the System when the former was ended by the user.

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