Problem with the clipboard in certain windows of Zator

When trying to copy to the Windows clipboard some contents from the Frame-holder’s window or from the body of an email. I.e, certain text of a Web page, or the address of a link included in an email, actually it does not work the “copy” option of the popup menu that you get by right-clicking the mouse (some call it anti-click) over the windows, and can see that when trying to paste the clipboard elsewhere, its content is not as expected (it retains the one of the last valid operation).

So far there is no definitive solution, but there is a trick to make it work, which serves along the the actual session (you just have to do it once, but must be repeated if quit Zator and then re-run another instance) . The workaround consist in select some content in the Note/Memo window, for example, the text “<Empty>” -indicating that the window currently has no content- and then invoke the context menu (anti-click) and select “copy”. From that time, and during the current session, the process of select + copy with the mouse will work properly on the mentioned windows.

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