New version 7.3.0 of OrganiZATOR

It is available for download the latest version 7.3.0 of OrganiZATOR.

If you’re using an earlier version, the details of the upgrade process, which will preserve your current data (if any) are available on (will check below that the previous register rights cease to have meaning in this version). As usual, if you have valuable data, we recommend back up your database before applying the update.

This version includes many enhancements and fixes that are available in the Change Log. But the most important new is that it has changed the marketing model, which has gone from being shareware (try before buy) to be donateware. So that this version is fully functional and lacks any kind of protection, without being limited its use, or the number of installations that can make the user. Payment is completely voluntary in the amount that each consider, if you believe that the application will be useful and/or want to contribute to its further development.

Enjoy it!

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