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New version 6.2.1 of OrganiZATOR (bug fix)

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

It is available for download the version 6.2.1 of OrganiZator.  As always, please consult the details of the update process in

It has been corrected a bug in the user interface of Data Base: if being in a tab other than the first. That is, being in dB. extend; Agenda; Appointments; Expiry dates, Etc. the window is minimized, when restored, the Logger becomes invisible.


In some rare cases, transactions involving import the contents of a file. I.e, to include some content in the Frame holder, do not work properly when the file name contains spaces. This malfunction is not consistent -not happen always- and is not exclusive to this release. Probably is also present in earlier versions. In these cases, prior to import, we recommend change the original file name -or a copy of it if you can not rename the original-.