Bug in version 6.2.0 of OrganiZATOR

November 25th, 2010

We have discovered an error in the user interface of Data Base: if being in a tab other than the first. That is, in dB. extend; Agenda; Appointments; Expiry dates, Etc. the window is minimized, when restored, the Logger becomes invisible.

The problem has been corrected in the next version. For now, users have two workarounds to restore the vision of that element:

  • Close and reopen the application.
  • Stand on the first tab (labeled dBase) and then minimize and restore the screen, at which time, the hidden window will be visible again.

New version 6.2.0 of OrganiZATOR

November 19th, 2010

It is available for download the version 6.2.0 of OrganiZator.  As always, please consult the details of the update process in www.zator.com/mUs/H6.htm.

It has been added the possibility to search for items in dBase by date of creation or modification.

* It has been included the ability to import content from a file in the Note field, in some cases where it was not possible. For example, in the creation of new items of dBase.

* If Internet connection is available, the application checks whether the user is using the latest version of the executable and alerts if any new (only once a day).

* The dBase user’s interface has been improved, with regard to vision and movement of the main windows (upstairs) and links (downstairs).

* Included automatic conversion to dBase version 5.4.0 from previous versions 5.3.0 and 5.2.0.

* The capacity of extended fields of dBase has been expanded. Now everyone has a maximum length of 260 characters.

* The user interface has been improved; now properly display the dBase Extended Data with some screen resolutions that previously did not display correctly.

* Fixed a bug that did not update correctly the creation-date when importing items in dBase from an external file or from the Windows’s clipboard.

* Fixed a bug that occurs when quit the application while a search process was running.

* Removed an annoying flicker that occurs in some screens with Windows 7.

New version 6.1.2 of OrganiZATOR (bug fix)

May 21st, 2010

It is available for download the version 6.1.2 of OrganiZator.  As always, please consult the details of the update process in www.zator.com/mUs/H6.htm.

This version fixes a problem that has been detected in earlier versions, who consumed resources of the Windows graphical device interface (GDI), so that after a certain period of operation and depending on the state of the system, began to work badly the graphical user interface (screens look like, menus, etc.) and either may be affected the functioning of other applications due to the exhaustion of the mentioned Windows resources.

We strongly recommend the upgrade for all Zator users.

Note: The mentioned problem does not affect the logical behavior of the application or its data security. Likewise, the resources consumed in excess by the application, was returned to the System when the former was ended by the user.

New version 6.1.1 of OrganiZATOR

May 16th, 2010

It is available for download the version 6.1.1 of OrganiZator.  As always, please consult the details of the update process in www.zator.com/mUs/H6.htm.

The new version incorporates some improvements while correcting various errors found in the previous (first with Unicode support).

+ We have included a new search option in dBase. “Search in this group”, which lets you search in all the items of a window.

+ We have expanded the possibilities of import and export from/to dBase items and Note fields. It is now possible to exchange Window’s Unicode data files (Little endian encoding) and from/to other platforms (Big endian).

–  Fixed a bug that did not allow export the content of a Note field to an external file.

–  Fixed a bug that did not allow to create items in a group if there was a previous item
which began as the new title.

–  Fixed a bug that prevented the proper functioning of the Search-Replace options while
editing the Note fields.

–  Fixed error in accounting calculus  -Balance in a hierarchy or a group- that precluded the
result with sub-titles under 10 characters.

–  Fixed a fatal error that appeared in the print routines due to certain circumstances of
randomly occurrence.

–  Fixed error in the recovery routines, “Integrity checking” who not allowed to recover
certain orphan items.

–  Fixed a bug in the creation of items in the main windows of dBase in difficult conditions to reproduce.

Error in OrganiZATOR version 6.0.0

April 20th, 2010

Has been detected a problem in version 6.0.0 who disables to operate the dBase options “Find in this hierarchy using:

There is no workaround in the present version, but the error is already corrected and the correction included in the next update. However, for the impatient and/or have much need of these search options, has been prepared a corrected version of the executable, which also includes a new option: “Search in this group using:“.

Installation is very simple, just have to download the executable version -Spanish or English- that you are concerned and follow the instructions.

New OrganiZATOR version 6.0.0

April 13th, 2010

The new OrganiZATOR version 6.0.0. is available for download. Details of how to upgrade from previous versions in http://www.zator.com/mUs/H6.htm.

his is a completely new release which we believe is essential for users of earlier versions. Its main feature is that it supports international literacy (UNICODE), but includes a host of improvements and extensions, including the correction of inconsistencies and minor bugs as result of a thoroughly verification process.

The Messaging and Scheduler areas has been disconnected, so they can now operate in separate work areas. At the same time, both have been integrated into the dBase window, making easier and more flexible to move from one area of Zator to another. As a result of the restructuring, this version allows connection to different work areas for the following zones of the application:

   *  Main Zone
   *  DBase
   *  Scheduler
   *  Messaging

DBase searches now include the contents of Frame holder, and has spread to the Messaging and Scheduler areas, while the results have become more granulated.

From the dBase is possible to link elements of other areas (Scheduler and Messaging boxes), so that the structure of the information handled by Zator, is much more homogeneous and integrated than previous versions.

The internal database has been slightly modified in order to include some additional information needed for the characteristics of this new version but includes a mechanism -user permission granted- to do automatic conversion to the new format if you access an earlier dBase (the conversion is not reversible, so we recommend to get a backup of the previous dBases before using).

The new version includes a feature that was planned but not fully implemented until now: the inclusion of information (timestamp) about the date and time of creation and last modification for each object. This information is displayed in the status line.

Note: data about creation/modification, relate to UTC time when the changes were made. We have chosen this option, instead of local system time, in anticipation of future TCP/IP (Internet) versions of Zator who allow access and update a dBase from stations located in different time zones.

It has been improved and streamlined the use of the buttons on the toolbar, which now are more convenient and intuitive, while better conform to the MS standard for Windows applications. Also, we have expanded the use of pop-up windows (“tooltips”) so that most interface elements provide additional information when placing the mouse over them.

Problem in OrganiZator version 5.8.1

March 30th, 2009

* There is a bug in the option “this row -> Export payload to file” of the Frame Holder of dBase, whose response is always “Error: row without payload”.  There is not workaround, but the bug has been fixed to the next release.

* Users will note that some pages of the on-line manual have not been updated yet, so that still does not include the editing improvements in the Note/Memo fields, or characteristics of the new Frame Holder window in the Extended Fields of dBase. Although in both cases the functioning is fairly simple, we hope these changes and improvements can be documented soon.

English version of OrganiZator User’s Blog

March 28th, 2009

As of the date, the English version of the Organizator’s Users Blog has its own independent address (this). These pages contain only the notes in English (previously the English and Spanish notes where merged).  The Spanish version is in its own address.  -In the left side, below the “last entries” there is a link to the Spanish pages).

New version 5.8.1 of OrganiZator

March 28th, 2009

It is available for download the version 5.8.1 of OrganiZator.  Recall that in www.zator.com/mUs/H6.htm you can get a detail on how to upgrade from previous versions.  The new version corrects some errors and inconsistencies which mainly affect the user interface.

* Fixed a problem in the Frame Holder of dBase, that sometimes not properly refresh that window, especially when the object showed is a document. PDF, WORD, etc.

* Fixed a possible problem of memory loss in the process of reload the image of the Frame Holder of dBase.

* Fixed a problem that sometimes prevented to work properly the option “Open image in new window” of the Frame Holder of dBase.

* The “Rebuild & Squeeze” option of the main window, now reports the space freed (unused dBase space returned to the System).

* Fixed a bug in the option “Delete all this content” in the Frame Holder who not erase all items if previously has been deleted or changed an item.

* Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented work correctly the option  “Import files from directory” in the Frame Holder of dBase.

* Fixed a bug that in certain circumstances prevented to show correctly some windows in the scheduler.

New Build of OrganiZator 5.8.0

March 20th, 2009

It has been uploaded a new build of OrganiZator v 5.8.0. This new version, can be identified because the installed executable (Zator5.exe) is listed as version in front of the original

We have not detected any problem with the false detection mentioned in the previous message, so we consider that with regard to the PC Tools Antivirus the problem has been solved. However, as anecdotal data, we can mention that after testing the previous version by the 39 anti-virus of  Virus Total, we got 5 warnings:

 Anti-virus engine     Version   Date                 Alert type
Authentium          2009.03.19     W32/Heuristic-210!Eldorado
CAT-QuickHeal          10.00     2009.03.19     (Suspicious) – DNAScan
F-Prot                 2009.03.19     W32/Heuristic-210!Eldorado
Sophos                      4.39.0     2009.03.19     Sus/ComPack-C
TheHacker     2009.03.19     W32/Behav-Heuristic-064

The new compilation still shows some warnings:

CAT-QuickHeal           10.00    2009.03.19    (Suspicious) – DNAScan
Panda               2009.03.19     Suspicious file

Although as noted above, it has no problems with the PC Tools anti-virus, we will continue to work to try to eliminate any false positive or warning notice in all the engines of Virus Total.